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JUST Products

Bath & Shower

Lavender shower gel


Relaxing, soothing, calming & moisturizing.

250 ml

Milk, Honey & Rice bath gel


Rich with vitamins and minerals. Soothing,

calming, silk-smoothing.

250 ml

Pomelo Power shower gel

The freshness of summer tropical fruits.

200 ml

Bath Gel with St. John's wort and papaya


Stimulating, strengthening, moisturizing

250 ml

Deo Intim body lotion

Hamamelis, chamomile, althea, aloe extracts.

Cleaning, refreshing, deodoring.

250 ml

Bath Gel with edelweiss


Contains extracts of alps meadow flowers.

Refreshing, regenerating, anti-oxidant and

anti-ageing effects.

250 ml

Milk, Honey & Rice foam shower gel

Rich with vitamins and minerals. Rejuvenating

silk-smooth effect.

250 ml

Bath Gel with seaweed and watermelon extracts


Improving skin blood circulation. Iodine disinfects.

Regenerating, anti-ageing.

250 ml

Edelweiss foam shower gel


Containing edelweiss and aloe vera. Rich with

skin nutrients, moisturizing, calming.

300 ml


Bathing foam "Alpine Bath"

250 ml

Mallow foam shower gel


Finest shower gel with mallow, kiwi and mango extracts.

300 ml


Bathing foam "Harmony Bath"

250 ml

Seaweed extract foam shower gel


Contains iodine, watermelon extract. Improving skin blood circulation. Skin smoothing effect.

300 ml


Bathing foam "Sea Bath"

250 ml

San-Activ Bath Salt


Contains the Dead sea saline.

250 g, 500 g


Bathing foam "Relaxing bath"

250 ml

Bath Gel with mallow and wheat germ oil


Also contains jojoba, hyaluronic acid and allantoin.

Regenerating, moisturizing, sun protective.

250 ml



Bath Essence "Wintertime" with thyme


Refreshing, giving energy, calming. Very good while having colds.

125 ml (appr. 10 baths)

Bath Essence "Relaxing" with chamomile


Anti-septic, anti-allergenic. Good while having stress, headache, different pains

125 ml (appr. 10 baths)

Bath Essence "Strengthening" with echinacea


General strengthening effect.

125 ml (appr. 10 baths)

Bath Essence "Sensual" with afrodisiacs


Invigorating, elevating tonus.

125 ml (appr. 10 baths)

Bath Essence "Muscles" with juniper


Anti-inflammation and immunostimulating. Very good while having colds.

125 ml (appr. 10 baths)


Essential oils and products

Essential oils composition "Anti-stress"


Contains 15 oils. Very good for aromatherapy while having stress.

10 ml

Peppermint essential oil


Refreshing, anti-septic. Strengthens immunity, calming.

10 ml

Essential oils composition "Winter night"


Contains cinnamon, orange, lemon and lavender oils. Pain soothing effect.

10 ml

Rosemary essential oil


Very strong invigorating effect. Very good while rheumatism, heart and digestive disorders.

10 ml

Essential oils composition "31 herbs"


A powerful blend of 31 most important oils. Good while headache, pains; relaxing cramps, tooth pain. Refreshing environment, killing tobacco smell and repellent. 50 ml or 4x10 ml

Thyme essential oil


Very strong stimulating effect while having colds. Suppresses different pains, strengthens hair.

10 ml

Orange essential oil


Strong calming effect. Suppresses high blood pressure. Relaxing.

10 ml

Tea tree essential oil


Also contains manuca and rosalina oils. Very effective for various skin problems.

10 ml

Lavender essential oil


Very good for many skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema. Regulating blood circulation. Anti-viral and anti-fungi effects. 10 ml

Eucaliptus essential oil


Excellent while having colds and cough, relieves breathing and sore throat.

10 ml

Lemon essential oil


Good when having heart disorders; regulates blood pressure, suppresses cholesterol. Effective while colds, poisoning, headaches. 10 ml

Eucasol Spray


Contains eucaliptus, peppermint, rosemary, pinetree and cinnamon oils, kills viruses and bacteria, relieves breathing, eliminates tobacco smell.

75 ml


Hair Care products

Intensive Hair Tonic


Good for preventing hair-falling and hair damage. Highly nutritive.

5 x 10 ml

Regenerating hair mask (new!)

Hair Conditioner Balm


Regenerates damaged hair and improves their look. Sun protective. Contains silk protein and sunflower extract.

250 ml

Regenerating hair ampoules with lavender (new!)

Mallow Daily Shampoo


Mallow and bamboo extracts. For any type of hair. Washes good and gives excellent look.

250 ml

  Shampoo for oily hair (new!)

Shampoo for dry and damaged hair


Contains wheat germ extract, protects hair and hair follicles.

250 ml

Shampoo for normal hair (new!)

Anti-dandruff shampoo


Contains tea tree oil, St. John's wort climbasol and vitamins that work against fungi and regenerate skin.

250 ml

  Shampoo for dry hair (new!)

Shampoo with tea tree and rosalina oils


Concentrated formula to eliminate irritation and sooth the sensitive skin.

250 ml

Anti-dandruff shampoo (new!)

San-Active Shampoo


Dead sea salts stimulate skin blood circulation and regenerate hair follicles, fight flakes and prevents many skin problems. Almond milk nutrition hair folllicles.

250 ml


Body Care products

Body Balm with edelweiss


Stimulates blood circulation, reduces bruising, relieves pain.

250 ml

Roll Deodorant Deo-Edelweiss


Very delicate to skin and at the same time strong sweat suppressor.

50 ml

Massage oil


Contains almond, wheat germ, maize, avocado, St. John's wort and jojoba oils. Makes healthier skin.

125 ml

Roll Deodorant Deo-Mallow


Kills bacteria, softens skin. Having a finest fresh smell; long-lasting.

50 ml

Mallow Body Emulsion


Soft skincare milk with mallow, wheat germ and jojoba extracts, also contains hyaluronic acid and allantoin. Regenerates skin elasticity, prevents sun damage.

250 ml

Deo Plus Salvei Deodorant Spray


A day-long body protection against sweat and smell.

75 ml

Almond Body Milk


Skin care, sun protection, makeup remove.

250 ml

Exclusive alpine herbal balm


A unique powerful balm with natural alpine herbal extracts and Shea butter. Soothing and relaxing effect.

13 ml

Body Tonic with tea tree, manuca and rosalina oils


Daily skincare for sensitive oily  skin. Delivers cleaning and protection.

125 ml

Lip Balm


Contains calendula extract. Delivers protection and softness.

15 ml

Body Fresh Gel


Contains alpine herbs extracts (arnica, mint, gentian). Relieves sporting traumas, sunburns etc.

60 ml


Mouth Rinse


New fresh natural mouth rinse.

125 ml

Lavender Body Skin Lotion


New delicate body skin lotion, contains aminoacids; regenerates and strengthens skin.

250 ml

Sinusan Nasal Spray


Cleansing, moisturizing and protective effect for nasal mucous membranes. Isotonic solution contains Gulfstream salt.

100 ml


Hand and Foot Care

Chamomile Hand Cream


Contains chamomile and St. John's wort extracts. Anti-bacterial, calming and regenerating effects. Protects against water.

30 ml, 60 ml

Pedibon Foot Spray


Improves blood circulation, fights varicose, eliminates smell.

75 ml

Anti-bacterial Hand Gel


Contains lime tree extract, soothes and protects skin.

300 ml

Foot Cream Pedicream


Contains alpine herbal extracts, fights tiredness, heel chaps, corns and keratosis.

30 ml, 100 ml

Anti-bacterial Hand Gel


Same as above with a feeder.

Foot Peeling


New effective foot peeling with alpine herbal extracts and essential oils. Fights and prevents corns, keratosis and smoothens skin.

30 ml

Foot Balm Pedibalm


With arnica and other alpine herbs and allantoin, frescolate and sugar tensides. Eliminates hardness and tiredness, fights varicose.

250 ml

Foot Salt


Foot bath salt contains the dead sea saline, herbal extracts and essential oils. Calming, refreshing, stimulating.

500 g





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