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JUST Products

Herbal Creams

Tea Tree Cream with manuca and rosalina


Cream for a hypersensitive skin. Very effective against many common skin problems.

30 ml, 60 ml

Lavender Cream


Softens skin, making it silk-smooth. Aloe vera helps regenerate tissues.

30 ml, 60 ml

San-Active Cream with herbs


Contains the Dead sea salt and herbal extracts. Microelements and proteins protects and regenerate skin.

30 ml, 100 ml

Body Fresh Gel


Contains a complex of alpine herbs. Very effectively relieves pain and sunburns.

60 ml

Calendula Cream


Fights varicose problems, strengthens blood vessels and reduces pains. Effective against freezes and burns.

30 ml, 60 ml

Cream Gel Walwurz


Stimulates microcirculation, relaxes and strengthens skin.

100 ml

Mallow Cream


Ideal for skin protection against the negative outside conditions (frost, wind etc.). Contains anti-oxidants, may be used as a day cream.

30 ml, 60 ml

Foot Cream Pedicream


Contains alpine herbal extracts, fights tiredness, heel chaps, corns and keratosis.

30 ml, 100 ml

Juniper Cream


Reduces pain and warms up. Good while having colds, fight fungi, stimulates blood circulation.

30 ml, 60 ml

Chamomile Hand Cream


Contains chamomile and St. John's wort extracts. Anti-bacterial, calming and regenerating effects. Protects against water.

30 ml, 60 ml

Thyme Cream


Ideal remedy against colds, stimulates immunity. Decreases pain.

30 ml, 60 ml

Cream Lamelloderm


Entirely new product primarily for people having psoriasis. Lifts redness, scales and controls skin condition. Also helps under atopic dermatitis, eczema, diathesis.

100 ml

Vital JUST Skin Care

Hydrogel with edelweiss


Hydrogel moisturizes and smoothens the skin making it fresh and silk-like. Effectively fights dryness and redness.

50 ml

Cleaning Milk


Contains soyabean proteins, used to remove makeup and dirt. Does not damage skin hydrolipid layer.

125 ml

Day Cream with edelweiss


Primarily for normal, dry and sensitive skin. Contains edelweiss extract, lupine and wheat germ oils, aminoacids, polyunsaturated fat acids and vitamins. Nourishes skin and fights ageing.

50 ml

Cleanser Gel


Contains edelweiss and chicory extracts and sugar tensides. Effectively removes scales and cleans pores.

125 ml

Night Cream with edelweiss


Contains macadamia nut oil, soyabean proteins and ceramide-3. Moisturizes, softens, smoothens, regenerates skin making it look fresher.

50 ml

Peeling Gel with edelweiss


With edelweiss and bamboo extracts. Delicately cleanses skin, regenerates and softens. For any skin type.

50 ml

Eye Cream


Provides delicate care for thin sensitive skin around eyes. Contains nourishing oils and ceramides. Activates skin regeneration and smoothens lines.

30 ml

Skin Nourishing Mask


Cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing mask for any skin type. Enhances metabolism in skin cells.

50 ml

Rejuvenating ampoules with edelweiss


Effective anti-ageing remedy especially for dry and damaged skin. Delivers intensive care and protects.

10 x 2 ml

Facial Tonic with edelweiss


Contains edelweiss extract and anti-bacterial substances. Ensure cleansing without overdrying the skin.

125 ml

Anti-cellulite products

CELLFIT Active Gel


Stimulates the metabolism of fatty cells, preventing the creation of new ones, enhances the skin elasticity.

125 ml



To use primarily for the breast area, but may also be used around the body. Strengthens elasticity and smoothens skin.

125 ml

CELLFIT strengthening ampoules


Effectively fights cellulite by helping to decompose the fatty skin cells and strengthening the collagen skin structure.

10 x 5 ml

CELLFIT Body Peeling


Shower scrub gel is cleansing skin surface and pores from scales and dirt enhancing the skin ability to absorb nourishing substances.

200 ml

Sun Care Line

Sun Protective Cream SF25


The cream delivers a high degree sun protection to skin.

2 x 30 ml

Repellent Spray with Sunburn Protection


Spray open parts of the body when being outdoors in Summer, especially when it's needed to prevent insect bytes.

75 ml

Sun Protective Milk SF12


Delicate kin moisturizing and sunburn protective milk.

250 ml

Aftersun Moisturizing Balm


Effective moisturizing and nourishing product for aftersun care.

250 ml

Sun Protective Milk Spray SF25


A convenient spraying pack of moisturizer and sunburn protective milk.

250 ml


Men's Line

Aftershave Gel with edelweiss


Contains edelweiss, aloe vera and wilow extracts that nourish and protect the skin and reduces redness.

60 ml

Male Skin Hydrogel


New skin care product for men

Roll Deodorant Deo-Edelweiss


Very delicate to skin and at the same time strong sweat and smell suppressor.

50 ml

Male Skin Lotion


New male skin care product

Edelweiss foam shower gel


Containing edelweiss and aloe vera. Rich with

skin nutrients, moisturizing, calming.

300 ml



Exclusive set of skin care products for men

Deodorant Foot Spray Pedibon


Improves blood circulation and fights varicose. Prevents skin corns and chaps. Reduces tiredness, eliminates smell.

75 ml


Home Care Products

NR Universal Cleaning Gel


Use where you need to clean anything. Does not irritatу skin. May be used to clean stains on any fabric as well.

1000 ml

Lavender Spray for Wardrobes


Lavender fragrance brings freshness and repels insects.

100 ml

Air Freshener


Contains JUST's essential oils eliminating any inappropriate smells.

200 ml

Furniture Polish


Excellent soft polishing stuff for your home. Improves the way furniture looks and reduces dust accumulation.

500 ml




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