anti-oxydant vitamin complexes

Products available in Russia

LifePak® anti-aging formula. Purpose: slows down ageing

MarineOmega™. Purpose: restores the balance of fat acids consumption

Tegreen 97®. Purpose: cell protection

IgG Boost. Purpose: strengthens immunity

ReishiMax GLp®. Purpose: for strengthening the immunity

Juice of rare South Asian "Super-Fruit" Gấc. Purpose: anti-oxydant protection and stamina boost

Additional stuff (for customers outside Russia)

Lifepak® NANO. Purpose: developed through nano-technology; incorporates MarineOmega - effectively slows down ageing processes

Lifepak Women®. Purpose: for women during the reproductive period and menopause

LifePak® Prime. Purpose: for men at the age after forty and for women after the end of menstruations

LifePak® Prenatal. Purpose: to supplement the nutrition of pregnant and breast-feeding women

LifePak® Teen. Purpose: for kids 9 to 18 years of age

LifePak® на 10 дней. Purpose: slows down ageing

Jungamals® LifePak For Kids®. Purpose: for babies 2 to 8 years old

Eye Formula. Purpose: supports eye health




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