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ZEPTER Brands - Homecare



AQUEENA Award-winning compact water purifying system for homes and offices - 17 litre water tank/162 litres a day capacity

Item: EE-AQ-IMF-75-40-P



AQUEENA - 40 litre water tank/225 litres a day capacity




Magnetic water hardness remover CleansyMag

Item: AQ-MAG-100

It is a very useful device that dramatically prolongs the life of pipes especially where the water is too rusty and hard. It is very simple in installation - everyone can really install it without any help - and requires no service. It saves a lot of money, time and hassle in terms of changing the pipes and stuff.

Shower Filter



The filter is actually the only device ever available to remove chlorine from hot water BEFORE it contacts the skin. Chlorine in hot water is especially aggressive and may cause pretty bad damage to skin with time. It seems the filter may come up right when your skin needs a protection.



Steam generating and water filter vacuum cleaning machine TuttoLuxo

Item: PWC-600


Tuttojebbo is a multifunctional cleaning system integrating a steam generator, a vacuum cleaner with water filtration and a professional ironing of any fabric you have at your home or office.


With tuttojebbo you can easily do:

  • dry vacuuming

  • water filtration vacuuming

  • steam cleaning

  • steam cleaning backed by water filtration vacuuming

  • steam ironing with a special iron

The steam feature of tuttojebbo makes it one of the most radical home cleaning devices ever in use.

Cleansy mini-vacuum

Item: LMG-310

A very useful and handy appliance  that effectively replaces obsolete brushes and dustpans. You can also take the vacuum out from its motherboard and do any work from vacuuming a table to cleaning hard-to-reach places. It is powered by batteries that you can recharge at any time.


AquaJEBBO Steam Generator

Item: PWC-300

The machine is a stand-alone steam generator that produces steam for cleaning and ironing purposes whenever needed. Gives a strong steam blow where you need a specially deep cleaning. Its steam iron is very comfortable to handle and irons any type of fabric.

Microfiber cleaning cloth and pads

  • produce perfect cleaning effect on any surfaces

  • do not require the use of chemicals and rubber gloves

  • readily absorbs water, dust and grease and hold them tight in

  • absorb two times more water than cotton

  • leaves surfaces free from any dirt, fiber and streaks

  • do not let dust fly around to form clouds when moving through surfaces

  • treated surfaces resist dust accumulation

  • allergy-sick persons may use them to get rid of dust without a risk for health

MIC-100 Set (10 units)     MIC-200 Set (7 units)





Therapy Air  Air purifier and aromatizer
Item: PWC-503
(light grey monochrome), PWC-504 (light grey with colored panels),

Therapy Air Plus  Air purifier and aromatizer

Артикул: PWC-507 (light grey with a HEPA-filter into the front panel)

Therapy Air ultimately decreases the presence of dust and microparticles  in the air of homes and offices. Therapy Air and Therapy Air Plus purifiers have a built-in aromatizer compartment. Zepter currently offers seven different aromatiс gels covering allmost all most expected preferencies. You can choose between three models. The latest is Therapy Air Ion that can ionize air though lacks aromatizer.

NEW!!  A newest air purifier by Zepter:

Therapy Air Ion (with air ionizer)



Zepter's Service Center in Moscow issues the warranty and performs all servicing.


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