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ZEPTER Brands - Homeart

Cook Ware


Cook Ware

Кухонные приспособления

Kitchen utensils. Six sets of accessories for cooking and dish serving.

Zepter knife sets. Two knife sets - with plastic and metal handles.

Кухонная посуда Zepter

Cooking Pans. Fifteen different size cooking pans.

Frying Pans. Nine different units.

Stewing Pans. Three different size.

Steam Pans. Two different.

Oval Pans. Two different.

Combi-dishes. Three different size.

Serving Dishes. Six different size.

Synchro-click. A lid for Zepter pans.

Zepter Dish Sets. Four sets: Junior, Standard, Universal, Grand.

Гриллеры Zepter

Grillers. Six different units including a garden/picnic griller.


MAGIC HARMONY Glasses. Six sets for different vines & beverages.



Four sets of different size. Quadra is griller, stewing pan and a dish all in one.


Accessories: Zepter's Quisine Book, thermocontroller, vacuum handle.



VACSY Vacuum Food Preservation System


Vacuum Food Preservation System can keep products fresh five times longer than when they suffer the open air stress. The system include vacuum pump and various containers for virtually any sort of perishable food product. In addition to that, the system offers an option of special plastic bags of different dimensions which can be vacuumed out and thermo-sealed by a special Vacsy device.

Система Vacsy

Vacsy Sets: Mini, Standard, Family

Vacuum Pump VACSY

Square Containers. Five unit different size

Round Containers. Six units different size

Universal caps. Two caps of different size

Vacsy thermo-sealing device

Cheese bowles. Four of different size

Vacsy Plastic Bags


Glass Texy-containers

Миксер Zepter

Mixsy Mixer. Universal mixer with a set of cutting tools.



Zepter's Service Center in Moscow issues the warranty and performs all servicing.



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