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ZEPTER Brands - Medical



Bioptron Lamps

Bioptron Компакт

Bioptron Compact III (without floor stand)
Item: PAG-860-SET


Bioptron Compact III (with floor stand)
Артикул: PAG-860-C



Bioptron Compact is a handy lightweight polarized lighting device with 7 cm lens and a two-minute buzz feature to better control therapy sessions. Polarized non-coherent light is known to have a curing effect on a damaged skin up to 3 cm deep from the surface. Bioptron set includes OXY spray skin care oxygen mist, item PAG-861

Цветотерапия Zepter

Color Therapy set
Item: PAG-862N


Color therapy is a method that mobilizes organism's inner energy and provides a psychological balance. People who receive color therapy feel emotionally better, and their physical health is also improving.

Bioptron Pro 1

Bioptron Pro 1

Item: PAG-990-SET (with a table stand)


PAG-991-SET (with a floor stand)


Bioptron Pro 1 is innovative polarized lighting device with 11 cm lens that may work for much greater areas than Bioptron Compact. It is a professional grade therapeutic appliance that is now widely used by many doctors and clinics and people throughout the world. Whenever no therapy works to cure a wound or other skin damage, Bioptron Pro 1 comes up to help.

Bioptron 2

Bioptron 2
Item: PAG-880-SET



This magnificent lamp with 15 cm lens crowns the array that Zepter believes is one of the best of its achievements. Bioptron 2 is primarily designed for large hospitals and other medical centers providing all kinds of skin therapy. Nevertheless, anybody can have it at his or her home since there are no restrictions on the use of the Bioptron light.

Vital System Appliances

Electro Fan ZEP1200 with ionizer
Item: LG-812

The air ionizing feature of the fan produce a conditioning effect for hair thus making no heat damage. Try the difference.

Electro Massager
Item: LG-818 4

This handy massager quickly lifts tiredness and muscle pains, increases tonus and soothes stress.

Epilator Softelle
Item: PBG-865

Battery backed silk-smooth epilation of even the most sensible places on your skin. Up to 6 weeks no-hair guarantee.

Electro Acupuncture Unit
Item: PBG-866

The device works almost similar to regular acupuncture but instead of needles it uses light electric impulses. It deliveres both toning and relaxation to tired skin and tissues.

Universal set of tools for manicure and pedicure
Item: PBG-875

Professional grade compact set of tools for manicure and pedicure you can use both at home and at a beauty parlor.

  Also available in this series:


Portable ultrasound inhaler PAG-832

Digital body thermometer PBG-827

Digital ear thermometer PBG-828

Forearm digital blood pressure meter PBG-829

Wrist digital blood pressure meter PBG-83


Caution: Units priced below 100 euro might be made available for a negotiable price.


Zepter's Service Center in Moscow issues the warranty and performs all servicing.


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